Market Watch: January 2024

Market Watch

As the first month of 2024 ended, the US economy, bolstered by the Federal Reserve’s December 2023 meeting, defied expectations with robust economic indicators. Despite a slowdown from the…

Market Watch: December 2023

Market Watch

The year 2023 proved positive for the financial markets, with major indices posting significant gains and showcasing resilience in the face of various challenges. Despite initial concerns over inflation…

Market Watch: November 2023

Market Watch

Global financial markets experienced a positive shift due to the belief that central banks have reached the peak of their tightening cycles based on the latest data. Commodity prices, particularly Brent…

Market Watch: October 2023

Market Watch

Global markets faced a downturn in October due to higher bond yields and geopolitical tensions. The Israel-Palestine conflict escalated, causing a slight rise in oil prices. Investors focused on global…

Market Watch: September 2023

Market Watch

After a strong performance in the first half of 2023, global financial markets faced some challenges in the third quarter. Economic data indicated a decline in growth prospects as services activity started to…

Market Watch: August 2023

Market Watch

Global financial markets experienced a decline in August as the US economy revealed a revised 2.1% annual growth rate in the second quarter, driven by consumer spending and business investment…


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