Investor Questionnaire


Our questionnaire will give an investment advisor some insight into their client’s investor profile. However, it is not a substitute for advice and should be carefully reviewed upon submission. Once you receive your client’s questionnaire, you should invite your client to discuss the results in person and either invest his money accordingly or make any adjustments if necessary.

Risk Rating

Based on answers to various quantitative and qualitative questions, our algorithm will calculate a score for the client’s ability to take risk and also a score for his willingness to take risk. A final score will be computed using a combination of both aforementioned scores. The final score determines in which of our five pre-defined investor’s profile your client belongs to.

Global Assessment

Your client can own several accounts, each with different investment objectives and constraints. For example, your client might have an investment goal for his RRSP, another for his RESP and a third for his TFSA. For tax considerations, our questionnaire evaluates your client’s portfolio globally. It will be your responsibility to split the recommended asset allocation in each account.


This questionnaire tool is only sold as a bundle with our asset allocation tool. Once we tailored your asset allocation excel file according to your specifications, we will create an online hub matching your information and your company’s branding. This hub can be viewed by your clients after you send them a private link. You will receive all the data submitted by them.


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Investor Profiles

  • Aggressive

    You want to maximize the growth of your investments

  • Assertive

    You want to achieve equity growth of your investments

  • Balanced

    You want both growth and capital preservation

  • Cautious

    You are more concerned about capital preservation

  • Conservative

    Protecting your money is your main objective