In recent years, the advisory industry has been inundated by new technologies to better meet a client’s needs. Among these, we have seen the rise of robo-advisors. They involve the automation of processes mostly in the field of investment management. So far, the robo advisors available on the market today are directly targeting retail investors with passive model portfolio strategies. We are using the same cutting edge technology to empower investment advisors to better serve a wide range of customers with active model portfolio strategies suited to their needs.

Our Difference

Features Our Asset Allocation Robo Asset Allocation
Client Type Any Small
Asset Allocation Flexible Inflexible
Securities Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds ETFs, Mutual Funds
Product Choice Unlimited Limited
Custodian Your Choice Their Choice
White Labeling Thru Your Platform Thru Their Platform
Fees Subscription Management Fee

Asset Allocation

See for yourself how we can improve your investment proposals for your new prospects.

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Our Service

  • Discussion

    You tell us the products and weightings you want

  • Customization

    We tailor an asset allocation to your specifications

  • Communication

    We send you an updated excel file every month