Rankings Now Available Online


You asked. We listened. We delivered. Today we are pleased to announce that we added a great feature to our website. Before, you could only Liquid Muscle: The Last Word On Milk And Bodybuilding about stopping steroids use how vaping affects muscle growth – women fitness magazine see our monthly rankings in Excel. Now you have weekly rankings online!

From now on, we will display online weekly rankings for each of our model portfolio strategies. They will be updated every Monday morning before the market open. Why? Because a lot of the fundamental data and estimate revision data become only available during the week end in the S&P Global point-in-time database.

The Rankings will be available form two different locations. Under “Strategies” on the menu, you will find a Rankings tab between the Holdings and Documents tabs for each of the model portfolio strategies. We also added “Rankings” on the menu for easy navigation between each universe. This will be the easiest way to access them.

You will have access to the rankings of the strategies you are currently subscribed for. As an example, if you subscribe to the Canadian strategy, you will only see the Canadian ranking. There is only one exception to that rule: the subscribers of the Best Ideas strategy will have access to all: Canadian, US and international rankings.

We also implemented a couple of neat features. First, you will be able to export the rankings to your printer, Excel or PDF. Second, you can sort each column the way you want. Third, you can search for a specific company or filter all companies within a specific sector. Send us an email if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

The Portfolio Management Team