Best Ideas Equity: 3 For 1 Strategies

We developed the Best Ideas Equity Strategy two years ago after noticing a demand from prospects and clients for an investment solution suitable for mid-tier accounts ($100K-$1M). It is comprised of 10 Canadian Stocks, 10 US Large Cap Equity Stocks and 10 International Stocks. All of those stocks come from their respective universes and tailored rankings of the full strategies we initially created.

As time passed, some of our clients started implementing variants of the strategy such as holding only the North American Stocks and using a broad ETF for the international portion of the strategy. By doing so, all the performance return & risk metrics became irrelevant to them. That’s when we decided to create within the same Excel File 3 variants of the same Strategy that a client can choose from:

1. Best Ideas Equity
10 Canadian Stocks + 10 US Large Cap Stocks + 10 International Stocks
Recommended Account Size: C$250K-C$1M

2. North American Equity
10 Canadian Stocks + 10 US Large Cap Stocks + ACWX ETF
Recommended Account Size: C$100K-C$250K

3. Canadian Equity
10 Canadian + SPY ETF + ACWX ETF
Recommended Account Size: <C$100K

Each of these strategies are reported in CAD currency even though some securities and ETFs are denominated in USD. If it is more convenient for you to avoid the currency exchange, you could swap the USD ETFs by the following CAD ETFs instead:

SPY SPDR S&P 500 ETF XUS iShares Core S&P 500 ETF Unhedged

When you go to the Fact Sheet Tab of the Excel File, these three choices are now available. Just type in the number corresponding to the variant you are interested in. All the performance returns and metrics will automatically recalculate. Moreover, weights of each holding will also be adjusted to reflect the chosen variant. If you have any question or suggestion related to this improvement, please contact us.

The Portfolio Management Team